Worship @ St John’s

We are a modern Anglican parish and at the heart of our church life is the worship of God. When we gather together as God's people we seek to praise God for all he has done for us and to encourage each other.

Holy Communion

The celebration of Holy Communion lies at the heart of our worship and community life. There is a natural flow to our worship beginning when the choir and minister process into church. This procession symbolises that we are on a journey following the cross. We then gather together in the presence of God and listen to what God says to us now. After this we are united around God’s table as we share bread and wine which have been transformed by the Holy Spirit. Finally, after we have been blessed we are sent out into the world to be a blessing to others.

Children and Worship

We love having children with us at St John’s and we make an effort to enable them to worship God in ways that are suitable for them. During our Family Communion, we have a special welcome for children at the beginning after which our infants and children go to the their special groups for around 20-30 minutes before re-joining us during the Peace so that they can either receive Communion or a Blessing as appropriate. 

We also encourage our children and young people to participate in worship through singing in the choir or serving as an acolyte. If you would like to join the choir or serve as an acolyte please speak to our vicar!